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Over 15 years of facilitating difficult conversations with organizations and individuals has led me on this journey of building intercultural competence. I am Phyllis Braxton, President and Founder of PINK Consulting, LLC.  I am a native of Moss Point, Mississippi and have been in Minnesota for thirteen years. I decided to become a community builder so that my daughter will not encounter the same challenges of marginality I faced as a child and still experience today.

Working for human service organizations like the St. Paul Urban League as Director of Teen Pregnancy Prevention, the Girl Scout Council of St. Croix Valley as a Membership Development Director, for Minnesota Independent School Forum as Director of Multicultural Services where I supported 40 private high schools throughout the state on advancing their diversity initiatives and Director of Diversity Initiatives for Totino-Grace High School has given me myriad opportunities to build allies and dismantle the “isms” that have a negative affect on society.

Having obtained a BA in English Language & Literature from Morris Brown College in Atlanta, GA and a M.Ed. in Adult Education from the University of Minnesota gave me a thirst and foundation of theory and models to associate human behavior without blaming and shaming. As a doctoral student at the University of Minnesota in the number one Human Resource Education department in the country I am constantly researching, questioning and learning best practices with regard to building intercultural competency.

Experience as an adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota and St. Mary’s University, former Co-Director and team leader for Minnesota S.E.E.D. (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity), certified Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Administrator and Cultural Detective has developed and honed my skills as a master facilitator of intercultural skill building and diversity awareness.

Growing up in the segregated south coupled with studying diversity trends from Iceland to the East Coast; presenting at international conferences from Canada to Hawaii; and facilitating diversity conversations in rural and urban settings nationwide best describes my journey and passion for pursuing systemic change.

I have vast experience bridging organizations to communities of color through networking and serving as a change agent with a non-threatening approach to advocate for traditionally marginalized groups. My personal mission is to bring heartfelt credibility that is supported academically and experientially to a field that most consider emotional and soft skills.

I am confident I can bring innovative, cutting edge, out-of-the-box thinking to assist in the implementation of effective diversity initiatives while valuing the importance of listening and honoring existing structures and relationships.

I believe my enthusiasm for change, questioning systems and commitment to inclusivity would be greatly useful as a change agent to work with any institution or organization ready to do commitment work!

When I’m not working with PINK to change individual and organizations, I am dancing. Please check out my Community Based Organization at


what people are saying ...

"She "does it" every time - getting us to go deeper, pulling back the layers of all those things that are implicit but have a major impact on how and why we do what we do."

University of Minnesota-New Student Orientation Program

"This information and experience was exactly what we needed to better serve all of MN's children"

Minnesota School Social Workers Association

"Phyllis, you simply amaze me! Your ability to crystallize, analyze, deconstruct and question are impeccable."

Brian Wise, Director of Diversity - Charlotte Country Day

“Just want to tell you how much I appreciate your facilitation this week. I've been through a lot of seminars in my professional and personal life, and this was among the most meaningful. Your ability to let go and trust the process, your intentionality in planning and organizing, and your willingness to simply be yourself were great gifts to me.”

High school principal

This is the most comprehensive workshop I have ever attended. Having you (Phyllis) and julius, we had the cream-of-the-crop. Your ability to introduce new information while weaving in and out of your personal stories with sincerity and wit was well worth our time. I questioned rather spending an entire day in a diversity workshop would be worth my time, I was not disappointed.

Staff Member, College of St. Scholastica

"Phyllis is simply the bomb! I learn and grow every time I'm in her presence."

Louanne Tighe, Vice President for Mission - Cretin-Durham Hall High School

What does PINK stand for?

Pursuing - It’s a continuous journey

Intercultural - It’s about experiencing

Needs - It’s always asking, never assume

Knowledge - It’s familiarity gained through experience

Photo by: Amber Procaccini

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