Several frameworks will be introduced, discovered and studied in-depth. Includes but not limited to MBTI, IDC, Coaching, Leadership Profile Circle, Emotional Intelligence,  Intercultural Conflict Styles, Theories of Change etc.


We know people learn differently. In this institute, we are guided by Adult Learning Theory and will use a variety of learning modalities to ensure we are engaging you at every most .  possible point in each module.

Learning Capacity

We want to be transparent about the long hours for the institute. Different learning styles will be addressed and navigated as the days may be longer than your regular work hours. Please be prepared to do low, medium and high level work through observations, journal . reflections and interactive activities.

Institute Commitment

The design and development of the curriculum is developmental. The impact of missing time will impact the trust of the group and create roadblocks towards your own development and capacity to take learnings back to your clients or organization.

October 28-30, 2019 Advance Intercultural Leadership Development

Monday 9AM-5:30PM

Tuesday 8:30AM-5:PM

Wednesday 8:30AM-3:30PM

February 5-7, 2020  Intercultural Leadership & Healing for DEI Practitioners of Color

Wednesday 9AM-5:30PM

Thursday 8:30AM-5:PM

Friday 8:30AM-3:30PM


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