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Our Experience

PINK Consulting, LLC with her Partners has conducted assessments and provided intercultural organizational development services for over 100 organizations and a wide range of trainings with over 100,000 individual contacts. From large organizations like the University of Minnesota, to small non-profits with a staff of 4 – our programs are always customized to fit the clients’ needs and goals. 

Given PINK’s extensive experience with training, intercultural organizational development, and action learning programs, we are uniquely positioned with over 250 plus years of experience helping individuals and institutions on their journeys towards building a culture that is equitable and just for all. 

Our Approach

We ground our work in well-researched, validated, and reliable developmental models that come from the fields of intercultural psychology, organizational development, adult learning theory, and community organizing analyzes of power.

Intercultural Organizational Development is a process of linking your organization’s overall strategic development with your day-today strategic diversity, inclusion and equity goals in order to become more effective in hiring and retaining staff, building effective multicultural teams, and serving your community.

Specifically, three core models guide our analysis and approach to ameliorating institutional imbalances: intercultural organizational development utilizing the Intercultural Development Continuum, adult learning theory and action learning, and organizational exercise of power & privilege.

Why Us?

The developmental nature of our approach allows us to mix challenging content, that helps participants learn new content, with active experiential learning techniques that challenge participants to develop new skills and competencies in a way that comfortably makes participants feel uncomfortable enough to be challenged, stretch, and grow. 

PINK is open to working with you to develop a learning community that engages all employees in active learning to meet your organizational diversity, inclusion and equity goals on individual, team and organizational levels. 

PINK Partners

Beth Zemsky

Beth Zemsky

Beth Zemsky MAEd, LICSW comes to her work out of her continued commitment to engage people in learning activities that move them to understand and act to resolve critical social and cultural issues. Building on best practice approaches, Beth specializes in intercultural organizational development and intersectional movement building with organizations working towards social change and structural transformation including foundations, non-profits, educational, health, faith-based, and social change organizations. Learn more

Nehrwr Abdul-Wahid


Nehrwr Abdul-Wahid will serve as lead consultant.  Nehrwr (pronounced "nay-wah") Abdul-Wahid is a highly sought after consultant, trainer, and facilitator of what he describes as “much needed empathetic and compassionate dialogue with the goal of being more effective in how we work with and across our differences.” His work focuses on building leadership skills by tapping into the diverse talents of individuals and their work-teams. Learn more

julius erolin


  julius erolin has more than 20 years of experience helping individuals

and organizations leverage the value of differences to achieve better results and improve performance.  He founded Erolin Solutions (US) in 2009 and is now based in Dundee, Scotland, UK.  He continues to work with clients in the US and throughout the UK including London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Learn more

LaDonna Sanders Redmond


LaDonna Redmond is an activist that has worked on several initiatives  that have created greater access for community residents.

LaDonna co-founded a substance abuse treatment facility, Sisterhouse.  Sisterhouse is dedicated to the recovery of women. 

LaDonna successfully worked to get Chicago Public Schools to evaluate  junk food, launched urban agriculture projects, started a community grocery store and worked on federal farm policies to expand access to healthy food in low-income communities. Learn more

Joyane Larson


Joayne Larson is a certified coach who focuses on intercultural competence to promote diversity, inclusion and equity goals. She grew up in rural North Dakota with a healthy dose of curiosity about the broader world. She got her first taste of experiential learning via a college semester abroad in Ecuador and hasn't settled for boring trainings ever since! After graduating with a BA in International Relations, she joined the Peace Corps serving in the Russian Far East. She recently returned to Minnesota bringing management experience from a variety of multicultural settings spanning three continents. Learn more 

Kamy Howard


Kamyala Howard is the Founder and CEO of “WE’RE DIVINE”, President of khowardconsultingllc, and Co-Founder of African American Community of Practice. Ms. Howard has over 22 years of experience working with non-profit and private agencies creating innovative models that assist with organizational cultural change, dismantling barriers, program design, strategic planning, leadership development, direct clinical practice, and building intercultural relations.

Ms. Howard received her graduate degree.  Learn more     

Julia Hobday


I love working with people from across the ethnic, political, and economic spectrum. I am a bridge builder, able to connect diverse perspectives in various environments and I apply this skill to my work as I build a practice around cultural competency. As a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), I can help leaders work toward their goals of creating more equitable, effective organizations. My passion for working on cross-cultural projects fits in well with my heart work. Learn more

Sara Schonwald


  Sara Schonwald is a dynamic facilitator, trainer, listener and coach. Her practice of leadership and consulting centers the belief that we're all connected to each other, and that it is our collective opportunity and responsibility to work together for justice and peace. She's a trainer and design team member of the Blandin Foundation’s Community Leadership Programs and a member of One Ummah Consulting. She is also the founder of ... Learn more

Mary Jo Wimmer


Mary Jo Wimmer has been providing direction, problem-solving and leadership development to businesses, churches, non-profits and communities in rural Minnesota for 30 years. As principle of Trillium Leadership Development, she provides professional training and consulting in the areas of organizational development, board development, strategic planning, leadership and management training and intercultural competency development. She is a Qualified Administrator with the Intercultural Development Inventory and is certified to use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Learn more 



Born and raised in the Midwest by two white women, I had the unique experience of growing up in an all-white community as a biracial child who was perceived by others as black. My journey navigating life in this complex world of race, culture, and ethnicity while working simultaneously through my own complicated racial identity development led to my passion of educating and training around issues of intercultural competency, social justice, and anti-oppression work. I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree in educational leadership from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, hold a master’s degree in higher education from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, and have over 15 years of facilitation experience.

Learn more

Amy Baptiste


Amy Batiste is the Founder and Catalyst in Chief of Creative Catalysts, a Minneapolis-based consultancy and network of creative change-makers who collaborate with clients to activate transformative action in groups, organizations and communities.

Amy has been a creative change-maker for over 25 years in corporate, higher education and nonprofit leadership roles. She earned a doctorate in human and organization development at Vanderbilt University, a master’s degree in public communication at The American University and a bachelor’s degree in communications at Trinity University. Learn more

Namita Eveloy


Namita has over ten years of experience in the areas of intercultural communication, language training and instructional design. Her areas of expertise include cultural differences between the United States, India and France. Namita holds a Master's degree in Second Languages and Cultures Education with coursework in Human Resources Development and Leadership, from the University of Minnesota. She has held positions such as Intercultural Lead, Project Manager, Training and Content Specialist, in both non-profit and for-profit organizations. With experience working on three continents, in both public and private sectors, Namita offers an unmatched international perspective. Learn more

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