PINK Values



PINK Consulting is expanding and my calling and ministry is shifting to do more female-focused, purpose driven, spiritually grounded, therapeutic and trauma informed work. Additionally, over the past 3 years my health has not been the best. Therefore, I have assembled the best, wicked smart people I know, trained and mentored to carry on the work of PINK Consulting, LLC. Yes, I'll still be around. This is my 13 year old baby and I want to see her grow with new faces, energy and a variety of SME. It will cost to learn from the boss, but I have partners that are ready to support you in meeting your goals and your budget.


PINK believes in order to truly practice equality, the business case for equity has got to sparkle and shine. Just the thought of giving some people more while giving the advantaged less gives most dominate culture folks the chills. To be clear, equity and equality are different ideals. One is not better than the other, it truly depends on the context and your goals. However, before equality can be practiced, equity must be addressed.


Do to my medical diagnoses, I may not always be available to work with you directly. However, you are in luck because you do not have to look any further for more intercultural brilliance than PINK's Partners. If I cannot partner with you to accomplish your DEI and wellness goals then my Partners are your best next option. Believe me, I have witnessed their light, grace, knowledge, mindset and skillset.


First for yourself and then for others. More often times than not forgiveness is more about the wronged person's capacity to forgive themselves than for the accused behavior.


PINK believes it's time to shift our thinking from just being allies who advocate for people while standing to solidarity is advocating for the justice of all marginalized people. And, you stand when they are not their because what is being done or said violates your ideals. 


As a business philosophy I try not to allow finances hinder us working together. Given PINK does not offer shelf programming, all workshops are customized for each client. Please submit a request to tell me more about your scope of work, goals and desired outcomes. A complimentary 15 minute phone call to discuss your needs will be initiated.